Fashion Engineering Supply List: September, 2012


  • 2 – yards fleece or sweatshirt knit fabric (58 to 60 inch wide stretch/knit fabric)
  • 16 inch separating zipper (options: 18,inches if you desire longer garment)
some alterations to lengthen the pattern will be made in class
  • 1 large spool matching thread (cotton / polyester type thread….avoid shiny rayon thread)

Zip Pencil Case:

  • 1/4 yard fabric (woven cotton or cotton polyester blend)
Can be pre-packaged "fat quarter" ( 18 x 22 inch "cut" of fabric... well- know by quilters)
  • 9 inch zipper ("all purpose" zipper….open at one end, closed at the other)
  • 1 small spool matching thread (can use thread from hoodie….if the color matches)